High School Scholarships

 Yorkville Junior Women’ Club scholarship applications are available to any male or female residing in the Yorkville School District, who is a senior in high school.   * NEW THIS YEAR - We are proud to announce a NEW Scholarship for those Seniors pursuing a Trade or Vocational School scholarship

Yorkville Junior Women’s Club is a not-for-profit service organization. Our mission is to provide for our community needs through volunteering our time and talents. We believe that this philosophy will make our community a better place. The scholarships we offer are based on this commitment. This scholarship may be used to help meet future college tuition or books. The scholarship will be paid directly to the college of your choice upon registration. 

For consideration, please complete the attached application as well as three letters of recommendation and a copy of your high school transcript. Please also provide one paragraph to no more than one page describing why you feel you should receive this scholarship. If additional space is needed for the application, please use additional paper.

Please submit to YHS Guidance , IVVC Office or mail to YJWC , PO BOX 1101, YORKVILLE, IL 60560    no later than Friday, April 3, 2020.

Once the applications have been received, a committee will review all applications and letters of recommendation along with your high school transcript. Although grades are a consideration, they are not our main focus. We are a service organization within the community, and thus will be looking for candidates who have been involved in the community. We will narrow our selection to interview a few candidates. The final decision will be based on the information provided as well as the interview. The scholarships we choose to award will be announced at the awards ceremony at the end of the school year.


Pictured below are 2017 Scholarship Recipients : Brooke Jensen $1000 , Julia Meggazini $500, Jakob Slavin $500 and  Josh Tatum $500  
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