Get Involved / FAQS

Are you asking yourself - "How can I get involved ?"  
The answer is : "Many ways !"    

You can attend a meeting and if you decide the YJWC is for you , you can join as a Member. 

You can come as a Volunteer to help at the many projects that we donate our time to . 

Or , You can just support our Club by buying tickets to our events, spread the word on our events or projects or by donating monetarily to our Club -( as a Non Profit that may be tax deductible for you !) 

You are welcome to attend a meeting or even several to decide if our Club and it's Projects are for you. Make new friends or bring one of your own with you ! 

We are made up of Women in the Kendall County area : Moms, business owners, entrepreneurs and some retirees. 
Come and meet our members at a meeting or other function and see if we are a good fit  and if you have talents that could be lended to our Organization. 

Link to Calendar - COMING SOON 

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