Flamingo Flockings


In the dead of the night, our YJWC members will place the flamingos in your yard of choice, hence, getting FLOCKED. 

A FLOCKING of Flamingos will settle in for the night, taking over the yard. 

Each of the flocks will have a note explaining that a friend of theirs paid to have them FLOCKED.

All funds raised go right back into your community. Each flocking cost $25 for the night (24-36 hours).
Please contact the YJWC to set up your next FLOCKING!

Please send form ( below) with payment or call with the following information to:

PO Box 1101  Yorkville, IL 60560

"Victim's"   Name
Address to be FLOCKED
Special Instructions
Do you want your friend to know it was you who ordered the FLOCKING??
 If yes, Your name:
Contact Info/Ph#:
Any other info that would be helpful for us to know?

Thank you for your support!!

Contact : Christy  @ YorkvilleJWC@gmail.com 
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